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Hello Alicia,

I received my magnets today and I have to say that I am very pleased with my order. Thank you so much for the extra gifts. I also wanted to let you know that I am a faithful customer because of your excellent customer service. I always feel like I'm getting a gift from a close friend. Not only do you send courteous emails to inform me of the status of my item, you send personalized cards with the package. To me, this speaks about your true character. Anyway, I'd hate to drag this email on any longer. Thanks again!!!

- Adriana


Hi Alicia :)

Just to let you know 'Sunny' arrived safe and sound this morning. I am VERY pleased with the choker, it looks so like him, the markings are spot on. I shall be wearing it when I have my A level exams next month...hopefully it will bring me luck :)

Thanks so much,
Emma xx
from the United Kingdom

Hello Alicia,

I received my pendant in the mail, thank you so much!! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! To say the least =D I can't stop looking at it, your detail in this beautiful piece of art is just incredible.


It's THE most stunning bird work I have ever seen. I'm so happy to have found your outstanding website with all these gorgeous feathered friends of ours on it! It's wonderful to find such a birdie lover that shows their love through their art. I will be definitely putting in another order in the future. I showed 'Dudley', my little green guy, he thinks it's great! Check out his pic attached ;) Merry Christmas to you and your feathered n' furry ones, too xxx And and all the best for the New Year!

Kind Regards,

from Australia


The mail man just brought the bracelet! It's just perfect, it fits beautifully too! Also love the earrings. There is so much more detail than the pictures ever would show. You have an amazing gift for what you are doing. Don't ever quit, you were born to be an avian artist! It was fun to work with you and I wish you the best in the future. Kiss your adorable Eclectus babies for me.


Hi Alicia--

All my little birdies were waiting for me when I got home last night (your packing was impeccable!!!) We ooo'd and aaa'd over the charms...they came out so beautiful (the pictures don't show just HOW intricate they really are) and the set I won is gorgeous, again, pics don't tell the whole story. I can't say THANKS enough for all the time and energy you put into my Mom's and my charms (Mom even commented on the color of the beak for her canary, HONEST!!!) I can't wait to wear them at school and work and show them off. I'll let you know when the pics are on Dad's site of my "real birds" with their charms. And, Mom and I picked the same charm that we see as Phoenix and the other as Shanghai, you've captured them so very well.

I look forward to being a repeat customer!!! Take it easy and welcome in the Spring!!!




I have just received my toucan pendants and what can I say..... they are incredible!!!! I absolutely love them. The colors are beautiful and just magnificent. I had been waiting since about September to order something from you, and it was well worth the wait. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful pieces of jewelry. I can tell how much time and effort you devote to each piece, and they instantly became my favorite pieces of jewellery! I will definitely buy from you again. A toucan charm bracelet will be next!

from Australia

Hi Alicia,

Thank you so very much! The jewelry is just stunning! I love everything. Hubby does too. It all came so beautifully wrapped too! It felt like Christmas again. I did wait till Mick got home tonight to open. The boxes were so pretty! I shall wear it all with pride and am happy to hand out your cards to anyone who admires my jewelry.

The male eclectus pin is so special. Mick couldn't get over how much the Lilac Crowned, "Sydney magnet" looks like her mirror image. By the way, I don't know if I ever told you, but he loved the frame I gave him for Christmas. He had a tear in his eye. You are a very special and talented person! It was a gift that will be hard to top! :)

Thanks again,


Hi Alicia,

Just to let you know the jewellery has arrived today...I am lost for words for how beautiful they all are, I truly love everything and am in awe of the stunning detail and lifelike personalities you have created.

The trio pin is amazing (and just like my beloved Fids) and the Christmas set is to die for! Roll on Xmas. My little Rosie Angel is just like her and I will treasure the pin always. Your work leaves me breathless.

Thank you for magnet too, that was very kind of you. It has been wonderful working with you and I feel both blessed and privileged to own so many of your gorgeous pieces. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Love & best wishes
from England

P.S. Thank you for the beautiful packaging too!

Hi Alicia,

You made my day. I received my bracelet and the magnet today. They are breath-taking. The charms look much better than the picture can capture. I cannot believe the detail work you did on their nostrils, eyes, and beaks. Their feathers actually look "soft" making me hard to believe they are made of clay. Thank you very much for the magnet. I love it. I will definitely positively be ordering more stuff regularly. I hope you're feeling better.




Hallo again, Alicia!
Very good news here! Your parcel arrived this morning, making it in just a day more than expected! I'm really excited about the cockatiel necklace... it is even more beautiful than I could imagine from the pictures on your site! Not only you are such a talented artist, and succeed in conveying both the natural beauty of the birds and a certain added 'cuteness' to them, you also are very gifted in matching your creations with the arrangement of glass beads in beautiful color! Thank you very, very much! I will wear it with great pleasure!
May I add a big hug from sunny Italy, while all my tiels (the 'real' ones) are happily breeding!
Thank you

Florence, Italy


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