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Alicia -

Thank you ! The necklace is gorgeous. I held it up next to Spidey (my daughter Jenna's lorikeet) the other day. If your artwork was a bit bigger and could breathe I would be hard pressed to tell the difference !


Hi Alicia!
I received my items yesterday and oh my gosh, they are MORE gorgeous than the pictures, you do FANTASTIC work...I am SO glad that I came across you on Ebay! Thanks for everything, it was a REAL pleasure doing business with you!

Adorable Pumpkin Alicia, we got our order yesterday and both of us are absolutely thrilled! :D I knew that everything would look nicer in person, no matter HOW wonderful it looked in the photos, and it’s true. You’re marvelous. I have a friend at work who used to work with Fimo clay and she was like, “WOW...THIS LADY REALLY KNOWS WHAT SHE’S DOING! WHAT TALENT!!” :D Another friend came over to oooooh and ahhhh over everything. She was so impressed and loved all of the expressive faces and the lovely leaf detail and feather markings. :)
Janet & Pumpkin

I received the pin today; it is just wonderful and I can't get over how much the likeness is; thank you again. I can't wait to show it off!


Linda & Apache

Angel I am truly blessed by Alicia's creations that she has such beautiful talents to create such beautiful pieces of artwork. I had a Quaker named CJ who just past away in June and now I have another little girl Quaker named Angel. I am just so impressed by her talents and have enjoyed all the pins/necklaces/earrings that I have purchased already, including the Angel Quaker to match my Angel kid! Wearing these pieces makes me feel like my "kid" is near me constantly. And people always comment about them. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and providing us a chance to be able to wear some beautiful artwork!! And also for the best customer service you give to every individual!!

Cynthia Menke & Angel
I received my pendant today, and I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you! I hope sales are soaring for you because you make a quality product, your response time is unbelievable, and the price is right.

Again, thank you. I will happily recommend your products to my friends and family.

Elaine & Nubbin

Mikey and Soloman This is one talented artist who puts her heart and soul in her work with attention to every detail. Exquisite doesn't begin to describe her pieces. I am very fortunate to own some of her art work and God has truly blessed me now with a dear friend. One of my cherished pieces is my pin she created for me and my babies.
I am very impressed with your creations! Your hard work and creativity shows through in each and every finished piece. The magnet you made of Haley, Sammy and Athena is very special to me. Not just because it's my birds but because you put a lot of effort into it.
Chrissy & the Eclectus Friends
Haley and Sammy
Obie and Alberto Oh my goodness....your pin is truly outstanding!!!!!! All of that incredible detail really distinguishes my birdies as Maroon-bellies! I LOVE it!!! It is so beautiful...everyone is going to be so impressed. Thank you so much for duplicating our babies into such a treasure.
Gratefully, Pat
I love Alicia's work! I have several of her pieces. I always get complements when I wear her jewelry. She has such creative ideas and a distinct style. She is always willing to do custom pieces. Alicia treats all her customers special. You can tell she loves what she does and she love parrots, hers and other peoples' :-)
Barney & Andy Alicia, I absolutely LOVE my magnet. You have captured my Barney and Andy like nothing else could! Thank you for such lovely work. I will treasure it forever!
Sue Storten

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