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What is a "VIP" order?

A "VIP" Custom Order stands for "Very Important Parrot"! This ordering option was devised as a way of accommodating customers who did not want to wait for Alicia's monthly drawing, and wanted a rush/confirmed order. Many customers were contacting Alicia willing to pay more, in order to have their custom order worked in quickly, so this seemed like a good solution. Alicia will only be accepting a few VIP orders each month.

How does it work?

Fill out the form at the left, and be as detailed and specific with what you would like to have made, as well as noting the date if the item is needed as a gift by a certain time. Alicia will go over your request and contact you ASAP to let you know if she can accommodate the order, as well as giving you an estimate of the time frame.

How long will it take?

VIP Orders are worked in line with the most minimal wait possible. However, it will depend on the item/number of birds that you have ordered as well as what Alicia may be currently working on. The typical wait time for a "normal" custom order is 3-6 weeks, but for VIP custom orders Alicia makes every effort to complete them within 1-3 weeks, and sometimes as quickly as a few days. Each order is different, and to get a time frame estimate, you will need to fill out the request form on this page with your details. You are not obligated to go through with the order until you receive the estimate and decide if it works for you.

How much does it cost?

VIP Order pricing is double the normal custom order prices. Go to the Price List page to determine the pricing for the custom item you want, and then double that. Mailing/postage costs vary, but you can find information on the Shipping and Payment page. If you have further questions, or need help determining the cost for a VIP order, please contact Alicia.

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